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Catering Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions before submitting a room request. When you are ready to get started, fill out the catering request form.


All of our room reservations are booked on a first come first serve basis. Events for Faculty Club members and UCSD organizations and departments receive scheduling preference. For external clients, a $1000 deposit and a signed Room Contract to confirm a reservation.  For campus organizations and departments, a signed MOU and COA project and task is required for a confirmed room reservation.  The Faculty Club reserves the right to schedule another event if the contract and deposit are not received. Function rooms are assigned by the Faculty Club according to the guaranteed number of guests, and the club reserves the right to change a designated room if the guest count increases or decreases.

Types of Events

The range of events at the UCSD Faculty Club is colorfully diverse. Several University programs hold events at the club, pairing renowned speakers with breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Faculty Club. UCSD Economics Roundtable, Dean’s Roundtable, Social Sciences Supper Club and Oceanids Sounding Board are a few programs which offer a series of events each month at the club. The club also schedules a range of events, exclusively for individual members and their guests, including Wine Dinners, Sunday Brunches, Holiday Celebrations, Weddings, Memorials and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. 

Hours and Minimums

A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to book an event. 25% of the estimated bill is due 90 days prior to your event. The balance of your bill and your guarantee guest count are due 7 days prior to the event. All payments must be made by personal check or cashiers check payable to UC Regents.

Food and Beverage Minimums

The food and beverage minimun is dependent on the banquet space, day and time of the event. Saturday and Sunday food and beverage minimum requirement is $5,000 for the Atkinson Pavillion and Cecil's Lounge and $8,000 for the Dining Room. 

Our facility is open year round, following the University of California San Diego calendar. Our normal hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:30pm. There are no time restrictions outside these hours, events occurring outside normal business hours may be subject to food and beverage minimums:

  • Monday through Friday before 4pm = $100 - $2,000
  • Monday through Friday after 4pm = $2000 - $10,000
  • Saturday afternoon & Sunday afternoon or evening = $5,000 -$10,000 
  • Saturday evening = $8,000

Club Rental Fee

A Club rental fee is required for use of part or all of the facility for a specified time period. This fee is in addition to any food, beverage or administration fees incurred. Should an event run past the agreed upon duration, overtime charges may apply. The patron is responsible for payment of all overtime charges.


A final, guaranteed guest count is required five (7) business days prior to the function date for events held during regular Club hours. The guaranteed number is the minimum number of guests for which you will be charged. Should you need to increase your guarantee, we will make every effort to accommodate you. If no guarantee is received at the appropriate time, the Club will assume the number expected on the Banquet Event Order to be correct, and food preparation and admin fees will be made accordingly.

Function Space

  • Function rooms are assigned by the Club according to guaranteed number of people anticipated. We reserve the right to change a designated room, without notification, if the guest count increases or decreases. This does not apply to the exclusive rental of the entire facility.


University Events: Cancellations within five (5) business days of the scheduled event date will be charged the facility fee and percentage of food costs.

Special Events: All deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations within seven (7) days of the scheduled event date will be charged in full.


The Club will not be liable for any loss or damages to the patrons' or their guests' property left in the Club prior to, during or following a function. The patron assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all persons in attendance at the event and for any damage incurred by the Club or persons as a result of the event.

Service Charges and Sales Tax

A 20% admin fee is added to all food and beverage during any event at the club. All fees, including facility rental, food and beverage & admin fees are subject to California State sales tax. (Note that the admin fee is taxable based on California State Regulation 1603(f). Any group or charity that claims tax-exempt status must present a letter from the California State Board of Equalization stating this exemption.)

Admission and Ticket Sales

Ticket sales and admission policies depend on the event. Club sponsored events require advance reservations through our front desk, payable by credit card or check. Many programs held at the faculty club are responsible for their own reservation procedures, providing the club only with a guaranteed number of guests. When appropriate, the club will direct inquiries to the coordinator of each program.

Equipment and Miscellaneous Services

Our facility rental is inclusive of all set up and break-down of your event. Rental of any room in our facility includes our standard tables, chairs, china, glassware, flatware, and standard linens when applicable. 

Power Availability

The Faculty Club has standard three-prong outlets in all of its meeting rooms, dining room, Cecil's lounge and courtyard. Extension cords and power strips can be provided with the rental of audio/visual equipment.

Technical Equipment

  • Meeting rooms #4 and #6 as well as the Lounge and Pavillion in the faculty club are equipped with pull-down screens for audio/visual presentations, which are included in the cost of the room rental. Our catering office will rent any equipment on an as-needed basis through Audio / Visual Event Services.


Staging may be arranged in the Faculty Club dining room. Staging equipment is ordered through a private rental company according to their price schedule, delivered to the Faculty Club and charged to the client. 

Audio/Visual Equipment

The Faculty Club has a select amount of in-house equipment which is available for rental on a first come first serve basis. The Faculty Club will provide a table for projectors, along with an extension cord or power strip if requested. The following is a list of some of the equipment that our club can rent:

  • FC LCD Projector 
  • FC Portable Projector and Screen 
  • FC Screen 
  • FC PC Laptop 
  • FC HDMI Cord 
  • FC Hand-held Microphone 
  • FC Lavalier Microphone 
  • FC Dry Erase Board with Markers

Food and Beverage Policy

The Faculty Club has an on-site kitchen.  All food and beverage must be provided by our kitchen and catering staff for events at the club. No outside food or beverage is allowed on premise.

Menu Selections

Menus must be submitted to the Catering Office a minimum of two weeks prior to an event to guarantee your item selections. We offer a variety of Menus for you to choose from or our Catering Manager can customize a menu to your specific taste and desires. Prices are guaranteed for 90 days.

Restroom Facilities

The Faculty club has private bathroom facilities on premise for the convenience of our members and guests. Handicapped facilities are available.

Alcohol Policy

No outside beverages are permitted. When holding an event at the club, both hosted and non-hosted bar options are available. 

Noise Policy

We invite you to bring in any equipment or entertainment you choose for your event. We will also be happy to arrange any audio/visual equipment for an event, and have a complete list of DJ’s, live bands and other entertainment we recommend.

Security Policy

Upon request, or when there are a significant amount of minors attending an event at the Faculty Club, our catering staff will hire University Campus Security Officers to supervise the club for the duration of the event. On a day-to-day basis, Campus Police are called to handle any security issues.

Emergency Policies & Procedures

Each room or section of rooms in the Faculty Club is equipped with fire alarms and emergency exits. Service and kitchen staff supervisors are kept up to date on emergency and evacuation policies, including the location of electrical panels and gas shut off valves. Emergency phone numbers, hospital locations and a map of emergency equipment and exits are posted in the front office.


Parking lot #206 is located directly outside the Faculty Club. There are 50 club spaces in that lot, which require a faculty club permit to park in. These permits are issued on a first-come first-serve basis for members and guests of the club. Parking permits are required during weekdays, however, campus parking is complimentary on Saturdays and Sundays. Members and their guests attending lunch or scheduled events may obtain permits to park in Club spaces.

Note: In compliance with University of California policy, the Faculty Club is a non-smoking facility.

If you will provide an index to be charged, please follow UCSD policy requirements for recharging Faculty Club expenses.

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